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WokaDur NiE-M

WokaDur NiE-M

WokaDu NiE-M is a dip-coated electrode consisting of tubular pure nickel filled with acicular fused tungsten carbide (CTC) and a nickel-based alloy designed to be applied using manual arc welding processes. Deposits have excellent welding characcterios, are crack-free and offer excellent resistance to corrosion and abrasive stress while manintaining ductility. Use for hardfacing of tooling, machine parts, mining, agriculture, chemical processing and food processing.


Material type Rod/Electrode Material
Product form Rod/Electrode
Material safety datasheet number 50-1088
Achieved surface function primary Abrasion Protection
Erosion Protection in Liquid Flow
Solid Particle Erosion Protection
Suitable for service environmen Moderate Atmosphere
Gravel/Stone/Rock/Concrete Contact
Soil//Sand/Silt/Clay Contact
Base composition Tungsten
Nominal chemistry W 35Ni 3.5C 1.1B
Max. service temp. 500
Achieved microhardness (min) 50HRC
Achieved macrohardness (max) 65HRC
Hard phase portion 65%
Achieved weld density 12.4
Recommended process technology Manual Metal Arc Welding
Datasheet number DSM-0329

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