Activated Diffusion Brazing (ADB)

In aerospace engines, hot section blades and vanes are subject o extreme thermal stresses. These components, constructed from superalloy or single-crystal substrates, are some of the most expensive within the turbine engine. Therefore, having methods to repair them rather than always replacing them can be a substantial cost savings for aerospace turbine engine operators.

While modern hot section blades and vanes are almost invariably cooled via complex cooling pathways within the component, over time, the high thermal stresses during engine operation, as well as flight cycles, will result in thermal stress cracks.

Metco Joining & Cladding has long offered activated diffusion braze alloys that are capable of repairing thermal stress cracking in these components. These braze filler metals are designed for their compatibility with the substrates of hot section blades and vanes.

Very often, small cracks can be repaired with just the braze filler alloy. Deeper and/or wider cracks may require a compatible filler metal blended with the braze filler metal to heal ‘wide gap’ cracks. In addition, once brazing is completed, air cooling holes can be safely redrilled.

Even if such repairs allow the components to achieve one additional cycle between overhauls, the savings to turbine engine operators are substantial.

Flexible Application Methods

All Metco Joining & Cladding ADB materials are available as homogeneous, dry gas atomized powders, which can be blended with the customer’s own binder. However, for many customers, we can supply pre-packaged braze paste packed in bulk jars or easy to use cartridges or syringes. In addition, for wide gap applications, Metco Joining & Cladding may be able to blend the ADB filler metal with a compatible superalloy in ratios appropriate for the application.

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