Fishing Tools

When components fall off of the drill string, or when there is old equipment to be cleared from the drill hole so drilling can continue, various types of fishing tools are used to clear the drill hole. In general, these tools are subject to high abrasion, often in combination with impact wear.

Fishing Tools

Examples of fishing tools (note: tools are not to scale with one another)

Desirable Wear Protection Properties

Overlays containing very hard tungsten carbide hard phases with excellent wear characteristics work best for these BHA components. These overlays are applied using either traditional welding processes (such as oxy-acetylene or arc welding), laser cladding or PTA (plasma transferred arc).

Overlays of tungsten carbide blends applied using conventional oxy-acetylene welding are used to protect these components from wear so they can be deployed with as much efficiency as possible.

Recommended Material Solutions from Metco Joining & Cladding

Materials supplied by Metco Joining & Cladding provide excellent wear protection for oil and gas fishing tools.

WokaDur SA 100

WokaDur SA 100 has a composition of 60% coarse, sintered tungsten carbide in a ductile nickel-copper-zinc alloy matrix. It is supplied as a sintered welding rod, designed to create wear-resistant overlays using a conventional oxy-acetylene process.

This results in overlay deposits that are highly wear-resistant and particularly suitable for use in the drilling of earth or stone environments. It is a proven solution for drill string fishing tools.

WokaDur SA 100 can be successfully applied to almost any type of steel or cast iron substrate. If desired, a thin layer of “nickel silver” (NiCuZn) can be applied as a buffering layer. While the resulting deposit cannot be machined, it can be ground using diamond tools.