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Materials for Brazing

Metco Joining & Cladding has been developing and manufacturing high temperature braze products for more than half a century. Our high-quality braze alloys and braze-related materials are specified by hundreds of companies globally for some of the most demanding applications in markets such as aerospace, power generation and automotive.

Materials for Brazing

Our portfolio includes:

  • Nickel-, cobalt- and iron-based braze filler metals
  • Activated diffusion braze alloys for repair and restoration of high-value components
  • Braze paste made using our braze filler metals
  • Braze tape fully customized for specific applications
  • Alloys and superalloys for use in wide-gap braze applications
  • VOC-free, high-temperature braze binders

Our braze filler metals are manufactured using dry gas atomization, ensuring that the particle-to-particle chemical composition is uniform throughout the filler metal powder.

Join our many customers, worldwide, for whom Metco Joining & Cladding is their primary partner for high-quality braze material for high-temperature applications.

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