Solutions for WTE and CFB Boilers

The boiler and superheater tubes in Waste-to-Energy (WTE), Coal-Fired (CFB) and Biomass Boilers are subject to high temperature corrosion and oxidation. A shut down of the power generation plants to replace or repair the tubes is a major expense — not only in replacement costs, but also the lost revenues for energy production as a result of facility downtime. To combat corrosion and oxidation, surface treatment materials from Metco Joining & Cladding can be applied to these tubes using laser cladding processes that allow them to stay in service much longer before replacement or repair is required.

Extend the Service Life of Boiler Tubes

Metco 1625 Series

Metco 1625 series are powder products with a composition very similar to Alloy 625. When applied to boiler water walls, boiler tubes and superheater tubes prior to installation, these products provide excellent corrosion and oxidation resistance. Hence, the service life of the tubes is extended saving the cost of replacement and facility downtime.

Apply Metco 1625B using conventional laser cladding.

Apply Metco 1625F using high-speed laser cladding. 

Metco 8622

Metco 8622 is a wire product with a composition similar to that of Alloy 622. Like the Metco 1625 products, it also provides excellent resistance to the corrosion and oxidation tubing is subject to in power generation boiler applications.

As a wire, Metco 8622 can be applied to new tubing using wire-fed laser cladding prior to facility installation. It can also be used to repair existing boiler and superheater tubes using a standard GMAW (Gas Metal Arc Welding) weld overlay process.


Laser Cladding Advantages

Laser cladding offers advantages over other surfacing processes such as:

  • Faster application compared to conventional welding processes
  • Minimal heat affected zone (HAZ) thereby minimizing tubing embrittlement and distortion
  • Strong metallurgical bond to the substrate that virtually eliminates spalling of the surface treatment
  • Excellent control of deposit thickness
  • Relatively smooth deposit surface that does not require expensive post-deposit finishing
  • Wire-fed laser cladding (Metco 8622) offers nearly 100% deposit efficiency