Coal Crushing and Sizing

Coal-fired power generation facilities require that the pulverized coal is optimized for the plant. As such, many coal-fired plants crush and size the coal on site. While there are many different types of coal crushing systems, they are all subject to abrasive and impact wear that require surface treatments to maintain efficient operation.

Innovative Wear- and Impact-Resistant Materials

Weld overlay materials from Metco Joining & Cladding are different. We design our materials using computational design and test candidates to find the best option for our customers. This means that the material solutions available from Metco Joining & Cladding perform significantly better and last longer than traditional weld overlays, such as manganese steel, while being cost-effective and easier to apply.

Use wear solutions from Metco Joining and Cladding on all types of coal crushers, including:

  • Roller Crushers
  • Jaw Crushers
  • Cone Crushers
  • Hammer Crushers
  • Impact Crushers
  • Gyratory Crushers
  • Sizers

Robust Material Solutions

The conventional solution β€” manganese steel weld alloys β€” are relatively soft and not highly abrasion resistant. Instead, novel materials from Metco Joining & Cladding, including our manganese steel composition, can be reliably applied using conventional welding equipment such as GMAW (Gas Metal Arc Welding). Overlays of our Manganese Steel composition offer a welded hardness of HRC 45 to 55 and a work-hardened hardness as high as HRC 65! It’s easy to understand how our composition will outperform conventional compositions.

Highest Wear/Impact Protection

Metco 8233

Metco 8233 is a cored wire that can be applied using conventional welding processes such as GMAW. It is compatible with austenitic, mild steel and manganese steel substrates. Deposits of Metco 8233 have an austenitic, manganese steel matrix with a high-volume fraction of isolated hard phases dispersed throughout the overlay. When applied to austenitic and manganese steel substrates, it is completely non-magnetic. When applied to mild steel substrates, it exhibits low magnetism.

Overlays of Metco 8233 offer abrasion resistance that rivals that of complex chromium carbide overlays (CCO) with superior impact resistance (tested greater than 10,000 impacts at 20 Joules) that is more than five times better than CCO. When multiple layers of Metco 8233 are applied, wear resistance improves significantly. Hardness improves from HRC 52 for the as-welded single layer to approximately HRC 58 for the second as-welded layer and is even better after work-hardening in service to higher than HRC 63!

Metco 8250

Metco 8250 is a weld wire that is compatible with manganese steel substrates. It is strengthened with finely dispersed vanadium-chromium carbides that do not dissolute when properly welded using processes such as GMAW or GTAW (Gas Tungsten Arc Welding). The abrasion resistance of Metco 8250 is 500% better than a competitive solution and 300% better than traditional manganese steel (test using ASTM G65A mass loss in grams). Metco 8250 can work harden in services up to HRC 65. Furthermore, multiple layers of Metco 8250 can be applied and the finely dispersed carbides help to prevent crack propagation of the deposit during both the welding process and in service. This characteristic also results in excellent impact resistance.

Metco 1040A, which is a powder product with an overall composition similar to Metco 8250, can be used when application via laser cladding is preferred.

Carbide-Like Wear Protection from Iron-Based Products

Metco 8224

For crusher cones, our material developments include unique iron-based materials that have the abrasion resistance of tungsten carbide materials while exhibiting significantly better impact resistance. Materials such as our Metco 8224 can be applied with conventional GMAW and has been proven to provide as much as a ten-fold improvement in impact resistance compared to tungsten carbide materials while maintaining comparable abrasion resistance when applied using plasma transferred arc (PTA). In addition, as an iron-based product, the material is significantly less costly.

Consider Metco 1030A as an alternative to Metco 8224 for laser cladding or PTA application.

Materials for Coal Crushing and Sizing

Recommended Iron-Based GMAW Materials

  • Metco 8224
  • Metco 8226
  • Metco 8233
  • Metco 8250
  • Metco 8247
  • Metco 8248

Other Potential GMAW Materials

  • WOKADur NiE

Recommended PTA and Laser Cladding Materials

  • Metco 1040A
  • Metco 1030A
  • Metco 1051A

Other Potential PTA and Laser Cladding Materials

  • Metco 51027
  • Metco 51322