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cBN Blade Tipping

Clearance control systems are used in gas turbine engines to optimize operational efficiency and safety. In the hotter sections of the engine, ceramic abradable materials are used on the stationary components, which requires that the rotating components, i.e., the blades, are protected with durable tips that can cut into the abradable in case of an incursion. Cubic Boron Nitride (cBN) is used as the cutting medium. Nearly as hard as diamond, cBN exhibits sharp edges that readily cut into the abradable material and it is lubricious, thereby protecting the blade.

Laser cladding — an ideal tipping solution

To apply the cBN to the blade tips, the cBN is encapsulated within a compatible metallic matrix material and applied using laser cladding. Laser cladding is an ideal method as it results in a metallurgical bond with the blade, yet the dilution is very low. In addition, the process is very efficient and results in a homogeneous distribution of the cBN within the matrix.

Expert cBN tipping from Metco Joining & Cladding

Metco Joining & Cladding’s laser cladding service centers can provide expert cBN blade tipping. Rely on us for:

  • Expert, experienced team
  • Modern precision laser cladding systems
  • Consultation and flexibility for compatible matrix material
  • Flexibility for thickness control, percent and distribution of cBN

The Metco Joining & Cladding difference

Depend on our long experience in laser cladding service. In addition to cBN tipping ask us about our capabilities to provide tip, leading edge, trailing edge and Z-notch repairs on blades and blisks.

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