Diesel Piston Ring Grooves

The piston ring grooves of large diesel generators are subject to fretting wear, as well as thermal loading and oxidation. In the past, this resulted in the need to replace the piston heads. Needless to say, this is an expensive proposition. However, using laser cladding technology, the piston grooves can be restored, saving significant maintenance costs.

Restoring pistons with laser cladding

After pre-machining the piston ring grooves by the customer, our laser cladding service center will develop the programming and perform the laser cladding of the grooves. The parts are then returned to the customer for final machining.

Laser cladding offers a strong metallurgical bond with very low dilution, thereby maintaining the desirable properties of the piston.

Not only does Metco Joining & Cladding offer expert laser cladding services with an experienced team and up-to-date facilities, but we can consult with you on compatible repair materials that can provide improved wear, oxidation and thermal resistance!

Metco Joining & Cladding: A dependable source for laser cladding services

We have decades of experience in laser cladding and repair services. Allow us to be your business partner for laser cladding services and reap the benefits of reduced maintenance costs and longer part service life.