Scoperta™ Rapid Alloy Development

Most often, the development of new materials relies completely on prior knowledge of the properties of previously developed alloys and an understanding of how changing the ratio of an alloying element may change the service properties. Traditionally, this is done empirically by creating a candidate alloy and then testing it to see if it has the desired properties. As such, new alloy development often takes years and the chance of developing breakthrough service properties is almost nil.

Scoperta™ Rapid Alloy Development

Computationally Designed Alloys — The Future of Metallurgy

Our Scoperta Rapid Alloy Development Process changes all of that. This “big data” approach gives us the ability to evaluate millions of alloy combinations computationally based on specific criteria we provide. Scoperta then gives us a limited number of candidates for further analysis and evaluation. This allows us to develop new alloys with the needed service properties in a matter of months, rather than years!

Not only does Scoperta allow us to quickly develop new alloys, it provides optimal results for our customers and quite often, breakthrough properties that would not have been found using conventional metallurgical development methods.

Our Scoperta process allows us to develop real material solutions for industrial applications. We use powerful 'big data' analytical software to design new materials and we are experts in translating this science into products that benefit our customers with unique advantages: 

In combination with our many decades of new alloy development for surface technology, our extensive R&D and testing facilities and our flexibility to manufacture products in house using a growing number of processes, Scoperta is a perfect fit for Metco Joining & Cladding.