Brake Disc Coatings Reduce Fine Dust Emission

Over the past decades, the automotive industry has worked quite successfully to reduce pollution from combustion engines. Now they face the next challenge — fine dust from vehicle braking systems.

Brake Disc Coatings Reduce Fine Dust Emission

Increased Traffic Accounts for Increased Fine Dust Pollution

Globally, road traffic increases every year with more and more vehicles on the roads. In many areas, this also means more traffic congestion; leading to increased on-and-off braking. As a result, fine dust from brake discs now accounts for some 21%* of vehicle pollution.

As this pollution poses a severe health risk, many regulators have imposed new mandatory goals for the automotive industry to significantly reduce these emissions.

*Dan Wakeling, “The Contribution of Brake Wear Emissions to Particulate Matter in Ambient Air” (Eurobrake 2018 presentation)

Our Solution

Using high-speed laser cladding, in combination with dedicated materials we developed and produced in-house, Metco Joining & Cladding has developed solutions that meet upcoming regulation goals today. In fact, Metco Joining & Cladding was the first to develop and offer dedicated coating powders and application technology for brake discs implemented in serial production.

DiscCover™ Beam: A Breakthrough Solution to Combat Fine Dust from Braking

DiscCover Beam uses high-speed laser cladding and our Metco™ Brake dedicated powders to drastically reduce fine dust from vehicle braking.

DiscCover Beam solutions are already successfully tested by OEMs and proven to reduce fine dust emissions while maintaining brake performance.

DiscCover Beam Coated Disc

Tribology AK master (nominal - µ) 0.4 to 0.44
Tribology AK master (minimum – µ) 0.3 to 0.35
Wear reduction > 10x vs. uncoated grey cast iron
Corrosion resistance > 1000 h salt spray
Fine dust emission < 3 mg/km/vehicle

Discover Beam Solution Process Highlights

  • MetcoBrake™ powders with encapsulated hardphases are easy to process with no need for blending
  • Single-layer solution with no need for a bond coat reducing processing time and powder consumption
  • Multi-layer solutions with dedicated powders for car lines with higher performance requirements
  • Corrosion-resistant, crack-free coating solution
  • Fast coating processing time of less than 1 min per disc
  • Adjustable coating thickness (100 to 300 µm in one layer) helps to optimize cost and lifetime
  • Real-time, in-situ process monitoring reduces post-coat quality requirements and rework
  • Post-coat grinding with minimal material removal and lower-cost grinding tools
  • Nickel-, Cobalt- and Copper-free coating meets current and future regulation requirements (REACH)
  • Whether prototyping, ramp-up or pre-serial production, customers can benefit from our expert consulting and processing services

Continuing Development

We are continuing to develop brake disc solutions with goals toward improved wear resistance, faster processing and cost efficiency. Metco Joining & Cladding offers and develops brake disc solutions for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, trucks and rail vehicles. Contact us for more information about these solutions and how we can tailor solutions to your specific requirements.