Innovative and Leading Oil and Gas Solutions

Today, one of the harshest environments is the exploration and extraction of oil and gas. Yet, to keep costs down and production up, it is necessary for this market to maintain reliability of valves, pumps and drill strings while minimizing drill string trips, pump uptime and gate valve component change out.

This is where surfacing market-leading solutions from Metco Joining & Cladding can provide significant benefits. Our innovative laser cladding, PTA and weld overlay solutions for oil and gas applications:

  • Reduce wear
  • Ensure longer drill string trips
  • Reduce the need to replace expensive components
  • Help maintain part dimensions for directional drilling accuracy

Using our own in-house expertise to develop laser cladding, PTA and weld overlay materials that can hold up to extremely tough oil and gas conditions, we are not only able to provide conventional materials, but also new, breakthrough compositions that provide superior performance.

Not only are we able to provide materials for your use, we also offer renowned turnkey services for both downhole components and many of the pumps used by the oil and gas market. Among these services for pumps is our capability to build selected pump parts to original OEM prints.


Let us work with you on your toughest oil and gas challenges and discover why we should be your go-to source for oil and gas surface solutions.