Stabilizers, Reamers & Drill Collars

Drill string stabilizers, roller reamers and drill collars are essential bottom hole assembly (BHA) components.

Stabilizers, Reamers & Drill Collars

Hard, wear-resistant protection applied to oil drilling stabilizers using laser cladding.

Stabilizers are designed to help ensure the quality of the drilled hole. Roller reamers widen the hole to the desired diameter. Drill collars are thick-walled, heavy components that provide weight to the drill bit and string, as well as mitigate the stresses that the drill pipe would not be able to withstand. Fabricated from high-strength steel, they are subject to a high degree of wear from abrasion, in combination with slurry erosion and impact.

To maintain the effectiveness of the components, hard, wear-resistant surface protection is applied. As some stabilizers are non-magnetic, other highly specialized wear-protection is needed.

Recommended Material Solutions from Metco Joining & Cladding

Our materials for wear-resistance of BHA drill string components are proven to provide outstanding protection.

Metco 51060A

Metco 51060A is a blend of Spherical Cast (CTCS) tungsten carbide with a gas atomized NiCrBSi matrix. It is designed to be applied using laser cladding. The as-deposited hard phase hardness of Metco 51060A ranges from 2700 to 3100 HV0.1 hardness. This gives deposits of Metco 51060A high abrasion resistance and the best slurry erosion protection.

Metco 51058

Metco 51058 is very similar to Metco 51060A in composition but sized for application using PTA. It results in deposits that exhibit similar behavior to that of Metco 51060A.

WokaDur NiE-TM

WokaDur NiE-TM is a tubular composite weld wire having a pure nickel sheath and filled with macrocrystalline tungsten carbide (MTC). The MTC hard phase has a hardness range of 1600 to 3100 HV0.1, with an overall deposit hardness of 45 to 50 HRC. It is readily applied using flux cored arc welding (FCAW) and offers excellent wear resistance.

Metco 8250 or Metco 1040A

For applications where non-magnetic properties are needed are iron-based materials that precipitate hard phases with low magnetic permeability properties. Metco 8250 is a weld wire applied using GMAW (gas metal arc welding), whereas Metco 1040A is the equivalent powder material applied using laser cladding or PTA.

Additional Material Solutions

Metco Joining & Cladding offers other materials that are appropriate for stabilizer hardfacing. Ask your sales representative for more information:

Product Application
PlasmaDur 51322 PTA
WokaDur AM Oxy-Acetylene Welding
Woka SA-100 Oxy-Acetylene Welding
Metco 1030 with Metco 1625B (as a buffer layer) Laser Cladding
Metco 8288* GMAW
Metco 8247* GMAW

* Recommended for steel drill collars only

Laser Cladding Services

In addition to our material solutions, customers can also take advantage of our expert laser cladding services located at our modern and fully equipped facility in Huntersville, North Carolina. Our laser cladding experts have been processing new and reworked oil and gas components for more than two decades with services that include inspection, stripping, cladding and final grinding.