Material Product Portfolio

Metco Joining & Cladding is your source for quality, innovative material products designed to give our customers a market technology advantage as well as reduce their costs and maintenance downtime.

Material Product Portfolio

Our material offerings include:

  • Carbides and carbide blends
  • Welding wires and rods
  • Self-fluxing alloys
  • Brazing powders, pastes and tapes
  • Laser cladding powders
  • PTA powders
  • Iron-, nickel- and colbalt-based alloys


As a world leader in the development of new and innovative materials based on customer need, we pride ourselves on giving our customers an edge through significant improvements in their operating efficiency.

Global Leader Technology

Our in-depth understanding of welding, cladding and brazing process technologies allows us to provide customers worldwide with step-change component and system performance. We offer this through our global network of sales centers, modern logistics and customer support.


We are uniquely positioned to develop and manufacture materials. We maintain six material manufacturing centers, as well as a large network of materials R&D, prototyping and testing facilities using unique tools, such as our Scoperta™ Rapid Alloy Development process. Throughout our supply chain, we set rigorous standards for quality and reproducibility that ensures a consistent end result.


Our welding, cladding and brazing products are designed to provide real value to customers through significantly increasing uptime, maintaining efficiency, and reducing maintenance and operating costs. Nothing gives us more pride than the success of our customers.


We set demanding requirements for our own in-house sustainability by always looking for new and better ways to reduce our own carbon footprint and resource requirements. In kind, we work closely with our customers to help them achieve their own sustainability targets.