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Crushing and Sizing Components

Crushing and sizing components used for mining applications are subject to severe wear from impact, high-stress abrasion and gouging. Breakdown of system sizing screens, crushing hammers and cone crushers cause significant mining production disruption. Innovative Metco Joining & Cladding weld and cladding hardfacing materials are designed to protect crushing and sizing components resulting in extended component life, increased production uptime and lower overall costs for the mining industry.

Crushing and Sizing Components

Computationally Designed for Highest Wear and Impact Resistance

The existing alternative — manganese steel weld alloys — is too soft and has low abrasion resistance; therefore, it is not the best choice for these tough applications.

The use of high-performance materials and overlays for crushing and sizing components usually requires special processes and equipment. For manufacturers of mining equipment and spare parts, as well as hardface welding companies, this means that they are either difficult to use, and/or economically not viable.

Metco Joining & Cladding is a global manufacturer and supplier of tungsten carbide, tungsten titanium carbide, carbide blends and innovative iron-based materials designed to provide significant component performance improvements. However, we go far beyond that with our capability to develop unique materials that perform better and last longer.

The Alternative to Manganese Steel That Is as Robust as You Need It

Our novel approach is to computationally design and develop materials that can be applied using conventional GMAW (MIG) welding equipment. Nevertheless, the new Metco manganese steel weld overlays provide hardness as high as HRC 45 to 55 (welded) and HRC 60 (work-hardened). Thus, these new materials outperform conventional manganese steel weld overlays.

Customer Examples:

Metco 1040A, Metco 8250 and Metco 8233 have been applied onto primary and secondary crusher hammers. These large rotating hammers are subject to constant attack by impact and abrasion in a cement limestone mine in Asia. The fine microstructure of the materials reduced the propagation of cracks and resulted in superior impact performance. It increased crushing efficiency and reduced production downtime by more than 100% compared to conventional manganese steel hammers. This reduced the customer’s maintenance cost tremendously.

Benefits of Metco Joining & Cladding's new material solutions for crushing and sizing components:
  • High wear resistance and high impact resistance result in an increased service life of crushing and sizing components of 30% to 400%
  • Lower changeout and labor cost due to less frequent change out of components
  • Reduced machine downtime
  • Hardfacing maintains the design geometry of crushing equipment. This preserves equipment efficiency and improves throughput
  • Increased crushing and sizing efficiency lowers the cost per ton of ore extracted
  • Increased efficiencies, lower changeout costs and reduced logistical burden result in lower costs per hour of operation
  • Easier application, as only one single material and no further equipment than standard GMAW welding equipment is needed

New Iron-based Materials That Perform Like Carbides

Metco Joining & Cladding pioneered the development of new iron-based materials designed to equal the abrasion resistance of tungsten carbide overlays, but with significantly higher impact resistance. Metco 8224 has been applied on shaker screens in an oil sands processing facility in Canada, in comparison to existing tungsten carbide PTA (Plasma Transfered Arc) applications. The lifetime of the shaker screens hardfaced with Metco 8224 increased 3-fold, with a 50% reduction in material cost and no under-bead cracking.

Metco 8224 has also been used on cone crushers as a replacement of tungsten carbide weld overlays for its higher impact resistance at lower cost. It was applied using a conventional MIG welder. During the welding process, Metco 8224 produces fine scale vanadium carbides and molybdenum borides that provide high abrasion resistance throughout the entire weld. This high performance is achieved in the first layer of the weld overlay. Metco 8224 has become a popular choice among OEM manufacturers due to its superior performance and lower application costs. Metco 1030A is the PTA and laser cladding equivalent to Metco 8224.

Key Fe based GMAW Materials:

  • Metco 8224
  • Metco 8226
  • Metco 8233
  • Metco 8247
  • Metco 8248
  • Metco 8250

Other Key GMAW Materials:

  • WOKADur NiE

Key PTA and Laser Materials:

  • Metco 1030A
  • Metco 1040A
  • Metco 1051A

Other Key PTA & Laser Cladding Materials:

  • Metco 51027
  • Metco 51322

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