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Amdry 100

Amdry 100

Amdry 100 is a nickel-based braze filler metal with a composition consistent with AWS BNi-5 and AMS 4782. The size distribution is that of 140F. The high chromium content produces high-strength braze joints that have excellent oxidation and corrosion resistance. Amdry 100 is a free-flowing filler metal that can be used for thin gap sizes when processed in a vacuum or hydrogen atmosphere furnace. Amdry 100 is available as a powder, paste or customized tape.


Material type Brazing Powder
Product form Powder
Material safety datasheet number 50-1037; 50-1094; 50-1103; 50-1116
Achieved surface function primary Dimensional Restoration
Suitable for service environmen Combustion/Flue Gas
Recommanded brazing range (min) 1150
Recommanded brazing range (max) 1205
Brazing gap size range (min) 0.01
Brazing gap size range (max) 0.1
Liquidus temp. 1135
Solidus temp. 1080
Base composition Nickel
Nominal chemistry Ni 19Cr 10Si
Max. service temp. 1038
Customer specification approved AWS A5.8 BNi 5, 140F
GE B14Y3
Honeywell EMS 54752 Type V
Rolls-Royce plc MSRR 9500/116
Rolls-Royce plc MSRR 9500/116T (Tape)
SAE International AMS 4782, 140F
Tulsa Airfoil Repair MS 1064
Recommended process technology Brazing
Datasheet number DSM-0241

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