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Amdry 105

Amdry 105

Amdry 105 is a nickel-based, boron-free braze filler metal designed to braze at temperatures lower than typical NiCrSi filler metals. It can also be used in long braze cycles without the risk of joint erosion. It works well on both narrow gaps, long gaps and wide gaps on all types of stainless steels, nickel- and cobalt-based superalloys. Amdry 105 is available as a powder, paste or customized tape.


Material type Brazing Powder
Product form Powder
Material safety datasheet number 50-1062
Achieved surface function primary Dimensional Restoration
Suitable for service environmen Combustion/Flue Gas
Paper/Board/Fiber Contact
Recommanded brazing range (min) 1080
Recommanded brazing range (max) 1107
Brazing gap size range (min) 0.01
Brazing gap size range (max) 0.1
Liquidus temp. 1010
Solidus temp. 993
Base composition Nickel
Nominal chemistry Ni 23Cr 6Si 5P
Recommended process technology Brazing
Datasheet number DSM-0334

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