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Amdry 718

Amdry 718

Amdry 718 is powder with a composition similar to Inconel 718. It can be blended with braze filler metals, such as activated diffusion braze alloys (ADB), to increase the braze gap size to join compatible substrates. Amdry 718 does not contain any temperature supressents. Therefore, it does not melt during brazing but forms a metallurgically compatible matrix within the braze joint.


Material type Thermal Spray Powder
Product form Powder
Material safety datasheet number 50-789
Achieved surface function primary Dimensional Restoration
Suitable for service environmen Combustion/Flue Gas
Melting temp. 1336
Base composition Nickel
Nominal chemistry Ni 19Cr 18Fe 3Mo 5(Nb / Ta) 0.5Al
Max. service temp. 704
Customer specification approved Canada Pratt & Whitney MS 1088
GE B50TF202, Cl A
GE B50TF202, Class A
SAE International AMS 5832
Turbine Airfoil Coating and Repair MS 1088
Recomm metco spray gun 9MB
Recommended process technology Brazing
Recommended finishing wet grinding is recommended over dry grinding
Datasheet number DSM-0239

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