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Amdry Binder MA75

Amdry Binder MA75

Amdry Binder MA75 is an aqueous-based braze binder designed to ceate a braze slurry when combined with a braze filler metal. It does not contain any volitile organic compounds (VOCs) and is formulated to minimize outgassing during the braze cycle and volitizes readily without leaving any residue.


Material type Auxiliary Material : Braze Binder
Product form Liquid/Paste/Binder/Suspension
Material safety datasheet number 50-2070
Predesessor material Amdry Binder MA60
Achieved surface function primary Solderable Surface
Suitable for service environmen Dust
Base composition Proprietary
Nominal chemistry Proprietary
Recommended process technology Brazing
Datasheet number DSM-0224

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