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Diamalloy 2001

Diamalloy 2001

Diamalloy 2001 is a self-fluxing nickel-based alloy that produces dense, pore-free deposits with high wear and corrosion resistance. It is suitable for thin coatings where a smooth as-deposited surface requiring little stock removal after fusing and superior thickness control is needed. Diamalloy 2001 has an approximate fused hardness of HRC 55 to 60 with a shrink of approximately 10% during fusing. Apply using spray and fuse welding or high speed laser cladding (EHLA).


Material type Thermal Spray Powder
Product form Powder
Material safety datasheet number 50-413
Achieved surface function primary Fretting Wear Protection
Solid Particle Erosion Protection
Sliding Wear Protection
Dimensional Restoration
Suitable for service environmen Glass Melt
Melting temp. 993
Base composition Nickel
Nominal chemistry Ni 17Cr 4Fe 4Si 3.5B 1C
Max. service temp. 540
Achieved microhardness (min) 55HRC
Achieved macrohardness (max) 60HRC
Recomm metco spray gun 2600DJ
Recommended process technology High-Speed Laser Cladding
Spray and Fuse Powder Welding
Recommended finishing Grinding, diamond (preferred) or green silicon carbide
Datasheet number DSM-0412

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