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Metco 1220A

Metco 1220A

Metco 1220A is similar to Stellite 6. Deposits applied using laser cladding or PTA resist seizing, galling and cavitation over a wide temperature range, and combat adhesive, abrasive or erosive wear combined with corrosion at relatively high temperatures. They resist oxidation at temperatures up to 1000 °C (1800 °F) and resist oxidizing acids depending on the acid concentration and temperature. Self-mating surfaces have low friction coefficient (≈ 0.12).


Material type Welding/Cladding Powder
Product form Powder
Material safety datasheet number 50-2247
Achieved surface function primary Abrasion Protection
Cavitation Protection
Dimensional Restoration
Erosion Protection in Gas Flow
Erosion Protection in Liquid Flow
Fretting Wear Protection
Galling Resistance
Sliding Wear Protection
Suitable for service environmen Acidic Liquid, Not Specified
Metal Melt
Seawater/Brackish Water
Saline Atmosphere
Liquidus temp. 1357
Solidus temp. 1260
Base composition Cobalt
Nominal chemistry Co 28.5Cr 4.5W 3Fe 1.6Si 1.1C
Max. service temp. 1000
Recomm metco spray gun 3MB
Recommended process technology Laser Cladding
Plasma Transferred Arc
Datasheet number DSM-0218

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