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Metco 5640NS

Metco 5640NS

Metco 5640NS is a nickel-chromium powder that can be blended with a standard or activated diffusion braze filler metal for wide-gap brazing applications. The nickel-chromium composition offers particularly good corrosion resistance and may be chosen over other wide-gap filler materials when corrosion is a concern. Metco 5640NS does not melt during the braze process but acts as a matrix that helps the braze filler metal span the joint.


Material type Thermal Spray Powder
Product form Powder
Material safety datasheet number 50-112
Achieved surface function primary Dimensional Restoration
Suitable for service environmen Combustion/Flue Gas
Melting temp. 1440
Base composition Nickel
Nominal chemistry Ni 20Cr
Color gray
Max. service temp. 1000
Customer specification approved GE B50TF40, Cl A
Recomm metco spray gun 9MB
Recommended process technology Brazing
Datasheet number DSM-0291

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