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Metco 8101

Metco 8101

Metco 8101 is a wire product with a composition similar to Stellite 6 that can be applied using arc welding processes such as GMAW and GTAW. Choose Metco 8101 for all-around wear and corrosion resistance or when good impact, cavitation or galling resistance is needed. It resists chemical attack over a wide temperature range, including oxidizing acids and saline environments. It can be used when a hard surface is needed up to 500 °C (930 °F).


Material type Wire Material
Product form Wire
Material safety datasheet number 50-2530
Achieved surface function primary Cavitation Protection
Impact Resistance
Achieved surface function secondary Corrosion Resistance
Suitable for service environmen Saline Atmosphere
Liquidus temp. 1410
Solidus temp. 1285
Base composition Cobalt
Nominal chemistry Co 27Cr 4.3W 1Fe 0.5Mn 1.2C 0.9Si
Max. service temp. 500
Recomm metco spray gun LD/U
Recommended process technology Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
Gas Metal Arc Welding
Datasheet number DSM-0218

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