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Metco 8247

Metco 8247

Metco 8247 is an iron-based composite wire with titanium carbide hardphase designed for application using GMAW. It creates crack-free deposits that are more abrasion resistant than competitor products and highly impact resistant. Deposits apply cleanly with little spatter, thereby reducing post-deposit machining requirements. Use Metco 8247 for hard banding, ground engaging tools in mining and agriculture, as well as oil and gas downhole tools.


Material type Wire Material
Product form Wire
Material safety datasheet number 50-2468
Previous name Metco X9
Achieved surface function primary Abrasion Protection
Solid Particle Erosion Protection
Achieved surface function secondary Impact Resistance
Suitable for service environmen Gravel/Stone/Rock/Concrete Contact
Soil//Sand/Silt/Clay Contact
Melting temp. 1500
Base composition Iron
Nominal chemistry Proprietary
Color Grey
Max. service temp. 700
Achieved microhardness 710%
Achieved microhardness (min) 58HRC
Achieved macrohardness (max) 60HRC
Hard phase portion 10%
Achieved weld density 8.0
Recommended process technology Gas Metal Arc Welding
Submerged Arc Welding
Recommended finishing Grinding Only
Datasheet number DSM-0211

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