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Metco 8526

Metco 8526

Metco™ 8526 is a silver-based alloy that has a higher melting temperature and higher strength than pure silver. As a braze filler metal, Metco 8526 can be used to join copper, brass, nickel-silver, bronze, steel, and other non-ferrous alloys that melt above 765 °C (1450 °F). It can join dissimilar metals like ferrous to non-ferrous substrates, such as nickel, copper, brass and silver, with close joint clearances. Its wide melting range of 90 °C (160 °F) can be used in wide-gap applications.


Material type Wire Material
Product form Wire
Material safety datasheet number 50-862
Predesessor material Silvaloy
Previous name Metco Silverloy
Achieved surface function primary Dimensional Restoration
Suitable for service environmen Combustion/Flue Gas
Melting temp. 677
Liquidus temp. 677
Solidus temp. 766
Base composition Silver
Nominal chemistry Ag 38Cu 32Zn
Achieved microhardness 25
Achieved microhardness (min) 25HRB
Customer specification approved AWS A8.5/A5.8M BAg-20
Rolls-Royce plc MSRR 9507/113
Recomm metco spray gun 16E
Recommended process technology Brazing
Datasheet number DSM-0200

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