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Woka 50059

Woka 50059

Woka 50059 is spherical cast tungsten carbide (CTC-S) designed to be blended with a self-fluxing alloy or used as filler material for rods, wires or electrodes. Hardness of CTC-S is 2700 to 3100 HV0.1 and offers excellent hardness with good ductility. Blends containing Woka 50059 is recommended for application using laser cladding. It can be applied using PTA when a finer carbide size is desired.


Material type Welding/Cladding Powder
Product form Powder
Material safety datasheet number 50-908
Achieved surface function primary Abrasion Protection
Erosion Protection in Liquid Flow
Solid Particle Erosion Protection
Suitable for service environmen Moderate Atmosphere
Base composition Tungsten
Nominal chemistry W2C / WC
Max. service temp. 500
Hard phase portion 100%
Recommended process technology Laser Cladding
Open Arc Welding
Spray and Fuse Powder Welding
Plasma Transferred Arc
Datasheet number DSM-0313

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