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WokaDur S80-Ni-TIG

WokaDur S80-Ni-TIG

WokaDur S80-Ni-TIG is a dip-coated, sintered electrode comprised of tungsten carbide with nickel and iron additives. It is designed to be applied using GTAW. It produces smooth, extremely hard and wear-resistant deposits and is an excellent choice for surfaces exposed to sliding and abrasive mineral wear with minimal impact stress. WokaDur S80-Ni-TIG can be used on mild, low-alloy and high-alloy steels, including thin-walled components and edges.


Material type Rod/Electrode Material
Product form Rod/Electrode
Material safety datasheet number 50-1090
Achieved surface function primary Abrasion Protection
Erosion Protection in Liquid Flow
Solid Particle Erosion Protection
Suitable for service environmen Moderate Atmosphere
Gravel/Stone/Rock/Concrete Contact
Soil//Sand/Silt/Clay Contact
Base composition Tungsten
Nominal chemistry 7.7Fe 75W 10Ni 7.3C
Max. service temp. 500
Achieved microhardness (min) 60HRC
Achieved weld density 13.4
Recommended process technology Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
Datasheet number DSM-0358

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